Jason Morisette

Jason J. Morisette is an accomplished producer, director, editor and videographer with more than 14 years of professional experience.


He has produced hundreds of television commercials - writing, directing and editing each. His attention to detail in all stages of production, and his ability to gauge clients' needs, has made him a highly sought-after producer.


In addition to his commercial work Jason wrote, directed and edited the feature film Locked Away, several music videos, and a short film. Locked Away is now available on Amazon Instant Video.

He recently relocated from Orlando, FL to Portland, OR where he is working on personal projects that will take advantage of the picturesque Pacific Northwest. An intense creative passion drives Jason to continuously experiment with new techniques, tools and practices as he steadily produces new work.

In addition to his video production, Jason is an avid writer with a focus on short stories. He also shoots travel photography throughout his exploration of the world (and when home, perhaps a few too many photos of his cats).


August 2017

When Michael Turner returns home from war, he and his family become embattled with a new foe - the undead. 


Locked Away first premiered in Michigan in 2006 and was restored and recut in 2017 to premiere on Amazon Instant Video.




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